Recipe for a Better Life


This recipe aims at helping you live a better life, that is, live your life the way you really want to live it. It's inspired by other 'recipe books' written by wise people that seem to be more clear than most of us about the important things of life : )


  • 1 comfortable spot to sit down: sofa or chair or cushion or even the bed. Sit down, do not lie down (or you will fall asleep!)
  • 1 handful of calmness: phone off, tv off, no people around, music off, door closed, toilet visited, eyes closed, etc. Reduce distractions to the minimum!
  • 1 alarm clock to set the cooking time

Cooking time

  • At least 15-20 minutes every day (or almost every day). And if you can do more (30min, 45min...), better for you!


  • Set the alarm clock to the time you have determined (minimum 15-20min)
  • Sit comfortably and don't move much
  • Observe yourself (until the time is up)

Advice during sitting time

  • If you see that you get bored, OK, look at how bored you are (it will only be for a few minutes anyway).
  • If you see that nothing special happens, OK, accept and observe that nothing special is happening.
  • If you suddenly start thinking about the weekend, or about your job, or about your relationship with someone, or whatever, OK, look at what your are thinking.
  • If you are getting very distracted in your mind, try focusing for a while in something simple like your breathing, maybe it helps.
  • If you suddenly have feelings of getting up to write something down, or to pick up the phone, or to whatever, OK, observe those feelings and don't get up yet (the recipe takes only some minutes, you can do it afterwards).
  • If you suddenly feel upset because of throwing away your time with this recipe, OK, observe your anger and continue.
  • If you feel fear or worry about something you are thinking or remembering, OK, look at that fear or worry and keep following the recipe instructions.
  • In a nutshell: no matter what happens*, continue observing until the recipe time is over. (*if you smell something burning... well... maybe in this case it's a good idea to get up and do something about it. But I think you get the whole point, right?)

Personal thoughts

As you see, instructions are simple. As you will see with practice, execution can be difficult. Do not worry, you will get better at it.
The results obtained by applying this recipe with persistence can be extra-ordinary, especially for those who have never tried a similar recipe before. But don't expect magic or miracles! Results arrive little by little, with patience, like in the gym. And if after applying it for a reasonable time you think otherwise and you are not satisfied, let me know if you want and we can talk about it : )